Yoga for anxiety, stress, depression and burnout

Do you feel stressed, depressed or nervous?

Do you feel tired or burned out?

Then this yoga training is something for you.



This yoga training consists of 8 weekly classes or 90 minutes. Each class is dedicated to a theme that is important in (mental) well-being, for instance, self-care, listening to your body or balance. Using yoga practices you explore to what extend you want to bring that theme more into your life. 

You learn practices that can help you gain more insight into yourself and will practice with bringing your awareness at the here and now instead of at (ruminative) thoughts.


For whom?

This yoga training is for everyone who is experiencing stress, feelings of depression, anxiety, tiredness or burnout. For people who want to create a moment of peacefulness and contemplation by doing yoga. 

This training is for beginners as well as advanced yoga practitioners, for people with every body shape and size and every level of (in) flexibility. 


By whom?

This training is taught by Nina Vollbehr. Nina is psychologist and yoga teacher. Her classes consist of accessible yoga practices and postures where listening to your body and boundaries is most important. 

Starting point is an attitude of friendliness and compassion, where you can be who you are and may experience whatever is there.


The March-course is FULL!

The next one will start in the fall.




8 sessions €119,-


Where: location Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 38, Groningen


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