Weekend with Max Strom 1 & 2 July 2023

"I am not interested in the full expression of the pose,

I am passionate about the pose helping you to unfold the full expression of you."


~ Max Strom

Learn to Breathe to Heal Yourself and Your Relationships


When: Saturday 1 July 2023 | 10:00 - 12:00

What: Lecture and breath-based workshop – All levels

Where: Open Yoga, Groningen

Price: €45


How does the way we breathe affect our stress level, anxiety, quality of sleep, and even our relationships? Breath penetrates, breath invigorates, and breath heals. The effect of Max’s breathing techniques is a profound sense of calm, mental clarity and a release of physical and emotional tension. One of the great things about these specific patterns is that they are accessible to everyone at any time and do not require hours of challenging breathwork to have the desired effect.

Workshop will include a lecture, simple but high impact breathing exercises, gentle breath-initiated movement, and guided meditation.


Topics included in this workshop:

  • Breathing patterns to help with sleep, anxiety, and depression.
  • When to breathe through the mouth and when to breathe through the nose.
  • When to expand the chest and when to expand the abdomen.

Healing the hidden wounds with cathartic breathing and community 


When: Saturday 1 July 2023 | 13:30 - 16:00 

What: Lecture and breath-based workshop – All levels 

Where: Open Yoga, Groningen

Price: €45

This event reveals a new understanding of the interconnectedness between anxiety, loneliness, and unhealed grief. Put simply, it could be said that when you heal one you heal all three and that is because they are all aspects of the central issue of our relationship with ourselves and others. By healing we enhance our ability to have deeper intimacy with our relationships, and the reclaiming of sustained tranquility and peace in our daily lives.


This workshop will include:

  • A lecture and writing
  • Simple but high impact breathing exercises
  • Guided meditation.

Opening the Chest and Shoulders – a new state of energy 


When: Sunday 2 July 2023 | 09:30 - 12:00 

What: movement-based workshop - All levels

Where: Open Yoga, Groningen. 

Price: €45

Some of the negative side effects of using a computer are that we find ourselves with frozen shoulders, sore forearms, and injured wrists. This workshop targets these issues with a special sequence of postures that opens the chest and shoulders, as well as the entire body. This induces an emotional sense of release, brings the mind into stillness, and the body into a new state of energy. This movement workshop is both challenging and very healing.

The Sunrise Within - Teaching cathartic breathwork 


When: Sunday 2 July 2023 | 13:30 - 16:00 

What: This is a training especially designed for teachers, teachers in training, psychologists, and healthcare givers. However, anyone interested in the topic is welcome.

Where: Open Yoga, Groningen

Price: €69


Guide your students to the next level of healing. Help them to access their interior world and memories in order to release the mind and body from long-held emotions. Show your students the way to a future that is free from anxiety, depression and sleeplessness. The practices you will learn in this 2.5-hour workshop will teach you how to guide your students (and yourself) through this extraordinary practice.


This training will teach you the why and how to lead cathartic breathwork. It will re-inspire and reignite your own practice and bring new confidence and passion to your teaching, reminding you why we chose to be a teacher.

About Max 


Max Strom is a global speaker, trainer, and author known for inspiring and impacting the lives of people from all walks of life, teaching leadership, breathing patterns, emotional healing and personal transformation worldwide for over 27 years.


His Breathe to Heal method is focused on alleviating anxiety, PTSD, and sleep disorders. It produces immediate results that are transformational to both the student and the people close to them. Max has given three TEDx Talks, his most recent one named “Breathe to Heal” reaching over 3 million views on YouTube and counting. Max presents keynote addresses worldwide and he is the author of "There is No App for Happiness”, addressing the challenge of finding meaning in the digital age, and “A Life Worth Breathing," published in five languages. He is currently working on his third book, and his fourth TEDx Talk will take place in October 2022.


Besides in-person events Max also offers many ways to benefit from his teachings online through several in depth video courses, video and audio recordings, livestream events, and one-to-one coaching sessions. Max is based in the Netherlands, but teaches in English. For more about Max visit www.maxstrom.com.