Kenny Graham: Yoga for health and healing

Each student is an individual with a unique set of circumstances they bring to the yoga mat. 

Healing is learning how balance all the different aspects of the self to  create space for healing to occur.

This week we will focus on creating group classes which focus on bringing health to specific regions of the body while embracing students as whole and complete beings. We will also learn how to work with individual students, with specific injuries as a private client and in group classroom settings.


  • Human physical anatomy - An exploration into the idea that no two bones or bodies are the same, seeing deviations and anatomical revelations
  • Help to heal injury by learning how to treat the whole human being    
  • Learn how to assess injuries and respond in an effective manner
  • How to use balls and rollers for fascia release
  • Advanced sequencing techniques for specific regions of the body
  • How to access private clients and create a plan of action
  • Observing, addressing and working with injuries
  • Teaching Practicum


This is a module of the 300hr RYS Teacher Training. This training is for teachers who have previously completed a 200hr training at Open Yoga or somewhere else.


The Training is at Open Yoga, Groningen. 

Please contact us if you need more information about staying in Groningen. 


The Training is 1 week of 6 days. 

From 22 - 27 January


Each day from 9:00am- 5:30pm