Tony Giuliano: mapping the universe within us



The Tattva chart has been used for thousands of years by Yogis to explain the creation and the existence of the Universe. It is a map and the building blocks of our universe and can help us track chains of energy both on the subtle level as well as in the body.


Through anatomy, the teacher’s understanding of the body will reach new heights and we will emphasize the importance of proper alignment and bio-mechanics to create a safe class for students.




Each Day:


“Practice Lab” We will practice and focus on specific part of the body/pose and dive deep into biomechanics to create strategies and solutions to access more advanced poses. 


“Philosophy Lab” Philosophy, Subtle body, Koshas, Gunas, Bandhas, Ayurveda, Tattva chart and how it relates to this section of the body.


“Teaching Lab” Teaching, demos, focus on muscles groups, work with each other to  experience and explore different exercises and adjustments, Q and A.


Tony’s devotion to the path of yoga  fills his classes with both knowledge and intensity, while his big heart lends sweetness and compassion. His classes are infused with biomechanics, philosophy, breath work and a healthy dose of humor. Tony views teaching as a live collaboration and he loves to encourage students to experience and explore the movement arts.

This is a intensive for teacher and students who want to deepen there practice and teachnings. 


2018 October 23 – 28


Workshops are at Open Yoga, Zuiderkerkstraat 10, Groningen.


Costs 6 days 658 Euro