Yin Teacher Training Chakras & Meridians (50HR)

With Marcel van de Vis Heil


In this training we will explore how ancient concepts like chakras, karma, samskaras, vrittis and vasanas can be relevant to our development and well being, especially in this modern world. The training is based on the philosophical teachings of Paramahansa Yoganandya, Dr. Horoshi Motoyama and Paul Grilley. This 50 hours Chakras & Meridians training will take place on 15-21 May 2023.


During this course we will practice different chakra meditation techniques, yin and yang asana sequences, and investigate the physical, emotional and mental characteristics of each of the main 7 chakras. We will also lead a brief review of the main anatomical and philosophical principles behind yin yoga.

We dive into the theory of Meridians and Qi according to the TCM (Traditional Chinese

Medicine) system, and how to apply this to a yin yoga class.


What will you learn?

  • Chakra theory
  • Chakra meditation
  • The cycle of samsara
  • The concepts of karma, samskara, vrittis and vasanas
  • Pranayama and bandhas
  • Bija mantras
  • The locations of the 12 meridians
  • Meridian tracing
  • Theory of Qi
  • The 5 elements
  • Some acupressure points
  • Anatomy review: skeletal segments and variations, 24 target areas, functional
  • Approach to yoga, tension X compression and more




Important: this is a level 2 training, you can only participate in this training after completing the Yin-Yoga & Anatomy training.

Did you participate in another Yin Anatomy training in the past? Please contact us. 


50 hours Chakras & Meridians

  • The price for the 50 hours Chakras & Meridians Teacher Training will be € 995,-  excl tax.
  • This includes a 3 month membership of TheFatYogis.com.

100 hours (Yin Yoga & Anatomy + Chakras & Meridians) 

  • The price for the 2 trainings combined will be       € 1690,- exl. tax.
  • This  includes a 5 month membership of TheFatYogis.com.


About Marcel


Marcel has been practicing yoga for over 2 decades, starting in a difficult period in his life, finding the healing benefits of this practice and meditation changed his life dramatically. He started his journey with Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and Vipassana meditation, moving into a more static alignment yoga. Then he met Yin yoga’s founder Paul Grilley and his wife Suzee, who showed him the physical, mental and spiritual uniqueness of everybody. Studying under their wings changed his view on asana practice and meditation seriously. Knowing now that we’re all unique and we all need an unique approach in whatever we do, this is the message that he carries out in all his teachings. 


Marcel is a well experienced teacher with almost 20 years of teaching experience, not only weekly classes in his studio in Amsterdam, but teaching teacher trainings and workshops worldwide. He calls the style of yoga that he is teaching Functional (Vinyasa) yoga, and it’s all about how to use the poses in the most beneficial way for your unique body, instead of how to try to fit your body into an aesthetic pose. 


Marcel has been a gym goer for a long time and after teaching private yoga clients for a while, helping people with injuries and people that are recovering from all other kinds of physical problems he realized that it could be helpful in some cases to bring yoga students to the gym, with the idea that weight resistant movements can help them in a faster way. He became a (N.A.S.M.) personal trainer, now combining yoga, meditation and weightlifting to maintain or create a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays Marcel practices besides yoga, Crossfit where he is a level 1 trainer (CF-LV1), and you can find him boxing, or running. He believes that functional multi-disciplined moving is the best way to maintain physical health of course combined with healthy food, and good nights rest!

Besides being a functional movement trainer Marcel is a licensed Acupuncturist, Massage therapist and specialist in herbal remedies.


Marcel is known for his strong sweaty functional vinyasa classes, his soft, soothing yin yoga classes and deep inter perspective guided chakra nyasa meditations.