Physio & Yoga is ideal if you are looking for a safe place where you can get to know your own body, explore your comfort zone and push the boundaries in a healthy way. This workshop series suits all levels and is designed for you to take home healthy habits to set a new foundation for a healthy body.


Each month we will explore a different topic and dive into a combination of gaining knowledge about the human body, movement and relaxation. 


Every workshop session consists of: 


An informative Part: Understand the nature of the target area and it’s connection with the rest of the body. 


An interactive Part:  Learn about yourself and discover your own habits. 


A practical Part: Exploring healthy habits in form of a yoga session especially designed for the target area of the month.  


Bij aanschaf van onze producten ga je akkoord met onze algemene voorwaarden. 


Sunday 31 januari 13.30-15.30 uur

Sunday 28 februari 13.30-15.30 uur

Sunday 28 march 13.30-15.30



€ 20,- per class