I shall first guide you through this concentration process, then we will do Yoga Nidra, which is a guided meditation whilst you lie down. Thoughts are often predictions about the future or the rerunning of past events: you run through conversations you had or are going to have, you make plans of what to do, but the issue with this is you are missing the most essential part of life, which is what is actually happening right here and now. Hopefully this class will offer a nice place for you to begin or develop your meditation practice. P.S I am English so unfortunately this class is only taught in English. I look forward to meeting you.

Guided meditation with Harry

Have you ever had the experience when you were driving that you were lost in a daydream, then suddenly woke up at your house? You probably have, and if I asked you what the journey was like you would not be able to tell me. In fact, you were probably so lost in your thoughts that actually you were almost blind to what was going on: the cars on the road, the places you passed etc. Well not only is that dangerous, haha, it is also not the optimum way to live. In meditation, we aim to be conscious of ‘the whole journey’ so aren’t simply awake when you reach your destination but are awake throughout. We do this by concentrating on an object, this could be anything, your breath, the sensations in your body, a mantra, but importantly, it must be something that draws you into the present.



This class is at 2nd of december from 19.00-20.00.


This class is donation based so give what you can.



All levels are welcome!