HALF-DAY RETREAT Immune Boosting

With Julia & Lorette



When it comes to our immune system, we tend to undervalue the power and importance of prevention. Why not start to take care of ourselves today and benefit from it tomorrow?

This half-day retreat focuses on interactive lectures and a practical series for implementing preventive care for yourself. Julia and Lorette invite you learn about your immune system from a movement therapy and dietary perspective. 


You will be welcomed with an immune boosting juice and tasty energy ball, followed by an interactive Yoga Class taught by Julia where you learn about hidden patterns that can keep the body locked in a state of stress influencing the immune defensive mechanism.


Lorette will dive into an overview of the immune system and shares how we can strengthen our immunity through dietary means. There is a healthy lunch included that will be served with a strong focus on nutrition which enhances immunity, hereby

eliminating foods which suppresses immunity. After lunch, you will discover the top 3 supplements and herbs to boost your immunity.


During the last part of the day, Julia will share the physiological benefit of rest and will guide you into a relaxing Yin Yoga practice. A peaceful practice which negates the negative impacts of stress and thereby supporting our immune function.


You will leave this day feeling empowered and rejuvenated!

Julia Engelbrecht                                              Lorette Steenman  

Yoga Teacher                                                     Yoga Teacher

Physical Therapist                                            Functional Nutrition Coach            Osteopath (iO)



Saturday 18 January 2020, time: 12 am. - 6 pm.


The retreat will be in English!


Costs: €55,-

Where: Zuiderkerkstraat 10, Groningen