Myofascial Release & Yin Yoga

With Camilla Bonnicel


Friday Workshop:

Relief for Upper Back, Arms & Head/Neck

This is the first out of two workshops, the second one “Myo-Yin Lower Back & Hips” will take tomorrow. The workshops can be attended separately, but of course, if you want the “full-body-relief” we recommend you attend the two workshops where you also will receive a massage-kit of your own to take home to continue practice on your own.


This workshop will focus on the upper body; the spine & neck and the arms & shoulders to help you find relief from tightness, tension and maybe even pain. Let´s face it, a lot of hours per day is spent rounding the shoulders forward as we sit in front of a computer, or look down in our phone, causing a not-so-optimal posture for the shoulders, spine and neck. Often this leads to stiff shoulders, ching lower back, tension headache and so on. Sometimes simply stretching just isn't quite good enough to release tight muscles and restore the body. This is where myofascial release (MFR) techniques can be used to become aware, and then release, the tension in the body. MFR is a great way to target specific body parts, even in inflexible bodies.

See this workshop (or these workshops) as a good invest in your future health and well being.


Saturday Workshop:

Relief for Lower Back, Hips Legs & Feet

The lower body & hips provides stability, they ground us, they keep us stable. We are generally less flexible per default in the hips than compared to say the shoulders, as it should be. But due to our lifestyle today, where we spend hours upon hours sitting down (both during “office hours” and in our spare time) and because of the fairly repetitive movement-patterns we have (walking, biking, maybe running) our hips and lower back tends to “tighten up” way too early in

life. All kinds of yoga is helpful to maintain and work on your mobility and flexibility, and so can the techniques of myofascial release (MFR). Learn some easy everyday tools to relieve tightness, tension and even pain in your body, via the help of tennis balls. You will learn how you yourself can become your own massage therapist.

Compliment your yoga practice through this unique way to move energy and release tension.



Friday Februari 28th from 19 pm - 22 pm.

Saturday Februari 29th from 13 pm - 16 pm.


Costs: €4o,- per workshop, €70,- for both workshops 


Where:  Zuiderkerkstraat 10, Groningen