Yin & Anatomy workshops

with Marcel van de Vis Heil

These 2 workshops are for curious yogis who want to know why they can or can’t do a pose,

for yoga teachers who want to learn a little about anatomy,

for yoga enthusiastics who want to experience a nice yin yoga class and for those who are thinking about doing a

Yin Yoga Teacher Training*



Day 1

Saturday December 14th  from 13.00pm - 16.00pm

The Hip: Anatomy and class

This workshop is all around the structure of the hip joints, what do the bones look like, what are the differences between people and what muscles move the hip.

We have a short anatomical lecture in where we look at the anatomy followed by a nice yin yoga class in where we explore how to properly stretch this area for each individual.



Day 2

Sunday December 15th from 14.00pm – 17.00pm

The back: Anatomy and class

In this workshop we look a t the spine and what moves the spine, what does the spine look like? what are the tissues around it, and why can some do a deep backbend and some not?

We start this workshop with a lecture about the spine and the tissues that move it followed by a juicy back- and forward bends oriented yin yoga class. 


Saturday December 14th from 13.00 - 16.00 hr.

Sunday December 15th from 14.00 - 17.00 hr.

Costs: €35,- per workshop, €55,- for both workshops

Where: Zuiderkerkstraat 10

These workshops will be in English.


(*YIN-YOGA and Anatomy Teacher Training 16 - 22 March 2020

with Marcel van de Vis Heil and Kenny Graham. More info!